Day 11 – Reaching happiness on my 46th year of existence

1-11-11 Today’s unique date only comes around every 100 years. But ask people how they feel about getting older, and they may probably reply, “old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative”. Stiffening joints, weakening muscles, fading eyesight and the clouding of memory seem a fearful prospect.  But the surprising part happens as people move towards old age. Yes, they lose things they treasure—vitality, mental sharpness and looks—but they also gain what people spend their lives pursuing: happiness.

Research has shown that people are least happy in their 40s and early 50s. But they reach their lowest point at a global average age of 46. Then the happiness scale goes dramatically up as the joy of getting old is finally realized. Because with age brings on wisdom, wisdom brings on acceptance, acceptance brings on focus, and focus brings on better choices and results, which bring on happiness. And happiness doesn’t just make people happy—it also makes them healthier. Happier people are more productive, too.  Your happiness is a reflection of your inner world, and not by your external influences.

So, today I am grateful to celebrate my allowed happiness on my 46th birthday, knowing that now my life really begins.  I’m ready to go out in the world as Dave, The Gratitude Guy, and make a positive difference in the world.  This is something, if you asked me two years ago, I would never had thought possible. My life has changed in oh, so many ways, and to just realize, it all started when I decided to allow myself to live a life of gratitude.


About Dave, The Gratitude Guy

Dave Block, aka “Dave, The Gratitude Guy” is an emerging entrepreneur on a mission to spread a powerful message about the importance of having daily gratitude in your life. His cause is to create positive change in the world by educating everyone, through his appearances, blogs, videos, and future projects that the best way for us to value our present day happiness is to be grateful for what we have in our life right now. If more people lived life this way, great changes would occur. Just understand that by being who you really are, you will attract more of what you truly want in your life. And gratitude is the key that opens up the door to happiness. Recently, Dave have branded himself with Thank God I... to create a new interview series called "The Thank God I..." Interview. The interviews are with empowering people from Movies, TV, Music,and Sports who have encountered hardships and had to endure tough times in life only to emerge stronger by their attitude and how they are thankful for it all. For more information, please visit
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2 Responses to Day 11 – Reaching happiness on my 46th year of existence

  1. Dave –

    Great post as usual! Day 11 and going strong! Keep up the awesome work.

    Age is all in the mind. When someone asks me how old I am, I have to do the math. Hmmm… Let’s see… This is 2011 and I was born in 1965… so I am 2011-1965… 45! I have not yet had my birthday yet this year!

    Living a life of gratitude makes everything easier, as I am sure you know! It also keeps you younger 🙂

    Be Well.

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