Day 251 – Accept More and Expect Less

Life has it’s twists and turns and ups and downs. We all tend to let it affect us greatly. In the down times, all we see are the negative aspects of life that continue to add to our pessimistic view of life we keep building up. Too often, we don’t appreciate and thank for all that we have, all that surrounds us. We take it for granted.

If you’re ready to start feeling encouraged, uplifted, and hopeful about what life has to offer, regardless of set-backs, frustrations, and complications there’s no better time than now. Life is not always perfect. In fact, the roller coaster of life is what provides courage in the midst of fear, and moments of joy through times of despair.

No matter what’s taking place in your life, it’s time to give thanks, experience gratitude, and prepare for the abundance of love and joy that is awaiting you on the other side of this mental shift.

So, how can this be done?

Accept More and Expect Less

Acceptance isn’t the same as being passive.  If change can be made then do it, but if not, learn to cope and conquer by accepting what is. It’s about knowing we can deal with whatever comes our way no matter how much we don’t like it.

Ask yourself, “what’s does this mean, and what can this teach me.” This will help us stay mindful and focus on the greater purpose. By focusing on our purpose in the midst of set-backs we remain strong and passionate, and can remain resilient in achieving our goals.

Do what you can now, in the position you have now, to begin growing and expanding. Start seeing the glass half-full in order to muster the motivation and fortitude to push past your current dilemma.

And be grateful that all your dreams are coming to fruition and keep faith that great things are coming. Sometimes faith is all we have.

Eventually, if you stay on course, you will be greater and more blessed than you could ever imagine. The right people and circumstances will come along, and the pieces will fall into place. Don’t give up. You will reach your potential and fulfill your dreams if you remain grateful through the difficult times and faithful to the end.

About Dave, The Gratitude Guy

Dave Block, aka “Dave, The Gratitude Guy” is an emerging entrepreneur on a mission to spread a powerful message about the importance of having daily gratitude in your life. His cause is to create positive change in the world by educating everyone, through his appearances, blogs, videos, and future projects that the best way for us to value our present day happiness is to be grateful for what we have in our life right now. If more people lived life this way, great changes would occur. Just understand that by being who you really are, you will attract more of what you truly want in your life. And gratitude is the key that opens up the door to happiness. Recently, Dave have branded himself with Thank God I... to create a new interview series called "The Thank God I..." Interview. The interviews are with empowering people from Movies, TV, Music,and Sports who have encountered hardships and had to endure tough times in life only to emerge stronger by their attitude and how they are thankful for it all. For more information, please visit
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