She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

It was a cold and windy night, as the howling winds beat upon the window panes. Inside, body warmth was not only touching my skin but my soul. I started holding her hand and caressing her soft skin. She pressed her lips against mine as my heart began beating faster. My tongue brushed the delicate shell of her ear as I blew a light breath over the moist spot. She shivered. Passion took over as I began fondling her breasts as our love-making intensified. At that moment, I felt my collective consciousness leaving my body, and a feeling of oneness appeared.

This is how I knew I was in love. This human emotion could only be described as a melting of the heart, exposing a true love that I wish would never end.

But it did.

When you are in love it is unlike any other feeling you will ever have. It incites you, it invigorates you, and it puts you in a focused state of mind when time stands still, and when every sense is heightened and anything and everything is possible.

I remember her like it was yesterday. Her beautiful face, sensual lips, and irresistible personality were a true delight. She had all the qualities I was looking for in a mate. Confidence, intelligence, beauty, respectfulness, honesty, and a great lover in bed.

And you know she’s your best friend when she knows you better than you even know yourself and can say what you’re feeling without you even uttering a word.

When you are lucky enough to find someone who can magnify your human experience, life takes on a new meaning. Things you may of not noticed before now become wondrous. The sights and sounds of everyday life become more joyous to deal with.

Love is something that is very special. It is what everyone upon the planet wants.

I found it, but lost it.

If I learned one thing, it would be to fall in love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely. If you’re not happy with who you are on the inside, you won’t be happy in a long-term relationship with anyone else either. You have to create stability in your own life first before you can share it with someone else.

Do I ever regret for one split second falling in love?

Absolutely not!

It has been something of an emotional roller coaster and has rendered me a hopeless romantic. It has been full of heartache and heartbreak but has made me stronger for it. It has humbled me in ways I never thought it could.

It forced me to look at life differently. I changed who I was being and who I could become. The love I had was like nothing I felt before. It was empowering, fulfilling, and her name will always have a soft spot in my heart.

About Dave, The Gratitude Guy

Dave Block, aka “Dave, The Gratitude Guy” is an emerging entrepreneur on a mission to spread a powerful message about the importance of having daily gratitude in your life. His cause is to create positive change in the world by educating everyone, through his appearances, blogs, videos, and future projects that the best way for us to value our present day happiness is to be grateful for what we have in our life right now. If more people lived life this way, great changes would occur. Just understand that by being who you really are, you will attract more of what you truly want in your life. And gratitude is the key that opens up the door to happiness. Recently, Dave have branded himself with Thank God I... to create a new interview series called "The Thank God I..." Interview. The interviews are with empowering people from Movies, TV, Music,and Sports who have encountered hardships and had to endure tough times in life only to emerge stronger by their attitude and how they are thankful for it all. For more information, please visit
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